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Enabling Civilian Rehabilitation and Providing Necessary Equipment

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Who we Are?

Israel Support Bridge began on the 7th of October as a group of volunteers whose goal was to assist the State of Israel and other organizations in providing necessary equipment and supplies for the war effort.

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Needs Assessment and Analysis

  • Conducting a 2-step process for needs assessment
  • Analyzing field requirements
  • Analyzing management requirements

Sourcing and Supplier Management

  • Locating donors / suppliers Testing equipment for
  • Regulatory restraints.
  • Procurement of quality equipment.

Logistics and Transportation

  • Shipping from the US to IsraelCustoms processing
  • Transport in both Israel & US

Inventory Management and Delivery

  • Inventory management
  • Quick allocation and delivery
  • Customized approach

Our Services

Key Services of the Israel Support Bridge

Successes Since Establishment

Tactical, Emergency, Medical and Civilian Aid
Three 747 Cargo Airplanes
70 Containers and over 500 pallets
100M$ worth of Supplies
2M NIS worth of medical equipment delivered
2M NIS worth of medical equipment delivered
500,000 NIS worth of equipment purchased.
1000 suitcases packed with gear delivered
500,000 NIS worth of equipment purchased.
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Israel Support Bridge is working tirelessly to prepare for the future when the war comes to a close. In this effort, we are looking for partnerships with those who support our vision and are prepared to take an active role in the rehabilitation of the country at large. Partners can include private individuals, organizations, and institutions who are capable and willing to contribute through:

Network of over 60 different org. outside of Israel

Offering services


Professional consulting

Donations and funding (single donations or monthly)

Support us

We operate independently, without backing from government funds or major donors, and rely on your financial support to keep our mission alive and running.

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